About Competition

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International Talent Competition is a platform—an “online Florence”—to bring together the world’s talented young people and modern-day Medicis to contribute to the betterment of our collective humanity.


Our world is going through perplexing changes. What is the impact of these changes on us and our cultures? What are our answers to these challenges?


Impressions of the World talent competition is a visual arts contest, will attract the younger generations to depict their world, culture and traditions, challenges and hopes. The competition will promote to tens of thousands of schools, institutions and universities worldwide, and showcase through multiple platforms and venues. It provides a unique opportunity for people from around the world to hear different stories, and to appreciate diverse ways of life. The resulting artwork will be a showcase of the world’s cultures, a focal point of cultural awakening and social enlightenment.


The International Talent Competition is a platform built on today's growing social network and technology for the preservation of our most traditional cultures and values.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 13 September 2017 13:38  
Name:Lillian Zheng
Talent:Painting, Filming
City:San Francisco
State/ Province:California
Occupation:Media Arts
School/Work:University of Houston