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The International Talent Competition will be an excellent opportunity for institutional, corporate and private entities to sponsor and make a meaningful contribution to our society.

The competition’s comprehensive outreach program to schools, colleges and universities engages sponsors with the younger generation on the global stage. This significant endeavor helps you achieve the following:

1.    Increase market reach to the younger generation worldwide;

2.    Display commitment to public education and assistance in the development of young people's ability and talents;

3.    Build brand recognition worldwide;

4.    Engage with the world’s young talents and artists;

5.    Promote the sponsor’s philosophy to the socieities.

Last Updated on Thursday, 16 June 2016 06:10  
Name:Lillian Zheng
Talent:Painting, Filming
City:San Francisco
State/ Province:California
Occupation:Media Arts
School/Work:University of Houston