Artwork Guidelines

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The artworks shall exhibit the rich culture and heritage of the participants’ region or country, and/or  show the impact of recent social changes and modern developments in their chosen area. Topics could range from the following examples: an ancient legend to an historical event; natural beauty to an environmental crisis; a remote village to city life; or family living to social transformations.

We recommend the final artwork to have the style of positive thinking and to be uplifting, inspiring human dignity and cultural enlightenment. Participants will have ample opportunities to be creative, communicate ideas, and inspire others.

All the submissions will be required to be uploaded through the participants’ personal talent page following the instructions. Each submission’s status will be notified through their personal page, and the instructions on progression to the semi finals and finals will also be sent through the personal page.


We encourage participants to take pictures or videos during their artwork production for the competition, and upload them to their personal profile pages. Each submission will need a description of the artwork and describe the purpose of their creations.

All competition participants shall read submission guidelines in their entry subjects.

Painting Guidelines

Multimedia Guidelines

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