Submission Guidelines

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  1. Participants can submit up to three entries and there should not be over three items per entry. Artists will pay the submission fee for each entry

  2. The artwork/videos/photos/films that are submitted to the competition must be original and created by the submitter. Submitted artwork cannot be displayed at any venues prior to the New San Cai’s competition.

  3. The submitted artwork should be legally authorized by its creator. The submitter will be held responsible for any rights violations, disputes, including for artwork, video footages, pictures, photos, portrait rights or intellectual property rights.

  4. All artworks except video should be submitted in jpeg format to the review committee through the artist’s profile page on the New San Cai website. The committee will notify the artists once the artworks have qualified for the panel evaluation, and only those entering the final contest will be required to send the actual piece by registered mail to the committee and the live exhibition.

  5. The selected artists, who are required to send their original works, are responsible for all arrangements such as the cost of shipping and for insuring the artwork while it is in transit. For physical mailing of artworks, please write on the reverse side the name and surname of the author, the topic of the work, the measurements, contact address, zip code, phone number, and email. The details of the post-competition artwork arrangement will be announced.

  6. The delivery of the work to and from the exhibition is the responsibility of the artist. Framing or mounting of works, if required for exhibition, is also the responsibility of the artist and must be carried out prior to delivery. Works not requiring framing or mounting must be suitably protected to avoid damage in transit, and clear indication should be given as to how the work could be presented. For works that require particular installation, the organizers will consider contribution to the artist’s travel costs on an individual basis.


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Name:Lillian Zheng
Talent:Painting, Filming
City:San Francisco
State/ Province:California
Occupation:Media Arts
School/Work:University of Houston